Pipe Dreaming Saturdays: An Introduction

‘Tis time to build castles in the air!

Ironically (because it is currently Monday), I have decided to create a new segment, if you will, titled, “Pipe Dreaming Saturdays.”

I am doing this for three reasons:

1. With summer drawing nigh and a wealth of time which I will have available to do essentially anything I want, of course I want to fill up that time as much as possible, with writing.

2. In order to get myself to write in a sustained frequency and to practice with deadlines, I want to set a date each week to write a specific type of piece.

3. I really do want to read up on some of the more exotic, far-flung places on our planet while also learning about some slightly more feasible destinations.

Here’s how PDS will work:

I will choose an incredibly unique, ridiculously charming, and/or super luxurious destination and read up on it during the week. I will write a blurb or two on what it’s all about, the main facts, and why I love it. Then, I’ll provide an alternate destination that exhibits a similar level of uniqueness/charm/luxury/etc that is more rational for the average Joe (like myself) to visit.

And with that, I hope you’re looking forward to the next 9 or so Saturdays!

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