Bought A GoPro!

On Monday, after spending almost an hour in a BestBuy listening to a hilariously informative salesperson my dad decided to purchase a GoPro Hero camera. So naturally I was filled with some level of excitement.

If you are unfamiliar with the GoPro product(s), it’s basically a miniature camera that you can take anywhere. You can bring it underwater, wear it on your head, chest, stick it on a pole or a surfboard, basically film whatever you want. And it takes incredible (CINEMATIC QUALITY, I tell you) videos and even great pictures. All in a tiny package- the perfect little travel companion.

One of the things I dislike doing when I travel is, truthfully, taking pictures of everything. I find that it disconnects me from the environment I’m in merely for the purpose of either sharing them with other people or to remember the place. But I find that my memories are more vivid (and therefore don’t require pictures as triggers) when I’m focusing solely on imbibing my surroundings. That being said, I do find myself wishing I had taken at least one picture or video of something after I return- but I know that if I had I wouldn’t have enjoyed the subject as much. That’s why I’ve wanted a GoPro for so long- it’s so small and versatile that you can literally affix it to your head, turn it on, walk around, and click a remote to take a picture of whatever your head’s facing. And you can be sure that the pictures (or videos) will come out fantastically. In theory, at least- that will have to be determined over the course of my use with the camera.

So I’m very excited to play around with the new toy- and will report back soon with a review on the GoPro and the accessories bought with it. Until then, I’m counting down the days until my first ever trip to California!

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