Fall in Florida: Be Excited

Summer’s almost over, and soon it’ll be the best time to visit Orlando, Florida!

“Huh? What’d he just say?”

That’s right: in my opinion, summer is probably the worst time to take a trip to Central Florida. Throngs of visitors clog up all the area’s attractions, storms ravage the afternoons like clockwork every day, bugs (namely mosquitoes) swarm the bodies of their juicy victims, you’re basically swimming through the air because of all the humidity, and it’s so hot that we could almost serve baked tourist for lunch.

Of course you might like that, if you happen to be a resident of Siberia. For the rest of you, though, there is solace from the ungodly conditions of May, June, July, August, and most of September. And it goes by the name of Fall.

Ah, breezy, crisp, cool, sunny Fall. The quintessential sweater weather. Where some of the trees actually change colors and pumpkin patches pop up in communities everywhere. You can go for a bike ride without passing out from heat exhaustion. You can go walking at night without completely dousing yourself in bug spray. And you can just sit outside and do nothing- and it actually feels nice.

These glorious conditions last from mid/late September through the majority of December (although we’ve occasionally had a cold Christmas) before they yield to January’s frosted windshields and winter hats & gloves. All of Orlando’s attractions look and feel their best in the brisk autumn sunshine, and even a trip to the beach (though the water can get a bit chilly) is perfect.

I get that it’s August now- a particularly hot/sticky/stormy week has heightened my anticipation for the coming months. Only one month or so and I’ll be able to step outside and not immediately begin sweating profusely. I’ll be able to go to the theme parks and actually be able to stay longer than three hours. And I can stroll the sidewalks and pathways of my neighborhood to watch the leaves change to the prettiest colors of the year.

Ah, Fall. I can’t wait.

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