About Me

Hugging a redwood in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA.

I’ve been putting off writing this, but I guess you’ll have to know that I’m, in fact, of the ripe old age of 17. There, I said it. Wait- you’re still reading this? Then I shall make my case to you. I wouldn’t call myself a typical teenager. While most people my age talk about sports, I talk to my friends about places I’ve been. When everyone else is playing video games, I’m browsing around Google Maps. Most teens dream about becoming doctors or football players or businesspeople–I want to be a journalist.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘What’s a kid doing writing about travel? How could he possibly be qualified for that? And why am I still reading this?’

To answer your first question, I write about travel to record my memories and share them with whoever wants to read them. I don’t want to brag about my trips or anything like that (or at least I don’t try to)- I just want to get it out there, you know? The last thing I want to seem like is spoiled.

For your second question, I regretfully have to say that I’m not qualified. However, to me, one doesn’t need to be qualified to write about travel–I just explore as much as I can and make sure to use proper English grammar when retelling my experiences.

And to your third question, DON’T GO!!! I have tons to say. Maybe my writing might inspire you to get out there and have an adventure…

If my pathetic attempts at retaining your attention have somehow worked, what you’re wondering now is, “What exactly can I expect a 17 year-old to write on a travel blog?” You’ll also probably see a lot of me ‘dreaming on paper’ about places I’ve always wanted to visit. I’ll aggregate some of the latest news in travel. I’ll share some of my travel tips with you. And, when I do get to journey away from my computer screen, I’ll give you some juicy trip reports. Now how does that sound?

Wait–I haven’t actually told you about myself yet, have I? I’m a relatively studious foodie who plays with Lego a lot more than should an average boy his age (or an average human, for that matter). There are only a select few things which I value more than a good 8 hours of sleep, including a warm chocolate lava cake, a perfectly-framed sunset, the feeling of hot concrete on bare feet, National Geographic Magazine (the Bible), the view from a plane window, and, lastly, leaves in the fall. I’m an avid piano player who prefers to play by ear. I’m a certified SCUBA Diver, and love to explore the underwater world as well as to advocate its protection. In my room on a night where I’m not swamped in homework, you can find me zooming in and out on Google Maps while I listen to jazz, acoustic guitar, solo piano, and classic rock. My favorite artists include Coldplay, The Weepies, Queen, Cat Stevens, and Don Ross. And lastly, for reasons unknown, I am utterly enthralled by anything that has to do with Australia.

Essentially, my life’s goal is to travel the world and share my experiences with anyone who isn’t with me so that they may be inspired or even enlightened by the radically different cultures, people, and places that thrive on our planet. I am 100% sure that the reason why there are so many problems in the world is that we are so isolated from other cultures, and I know from experience that traveling is the best way to learn about the world we live in and the people we live with.

I want to express my love for travel while sneaking some cheap humor into my writing. I guess what I’m trying to say is, “Hello world, my name is Alex, and I am hopelessly in love with you.”

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