See Ya Real Soon

I’ve always wanted to leave Orlando. If you know me at all or have read the opening copy of this blog, that’ll come as no surprise to you. It’s not that there was anything I heavily despised about this city—though granted I do complain incessantly about how we have too many bugs and how I-4 sucks and how most of this urban sprawl feels more fake than real—I’ve … Continue reading See Ya Real Soon

The World’s (2nd?) Biggest Cruise Ship

Yes, yes, yes, I know it’s been 3 months shhhhhh. But I recently returned from my first vacation of the year last week, and I have much to share. Though I did not traverse the globe or get my passport stamped, I took a much-needed cruise to relax and decompress after three weeks of IB exams and all the chaos of senior events and graduation. … Continue reading The World’s (2nd?) Biggest Cruise Ship

Anything to Declare, Sir?

So I haven’t posted anything in over two months. Sorry about that—unfortunately the mountain of work that is senior year has yet to let up, and I’m forced to give you the same excuse I always give whenever I haven’t written anything in a while: I was busy doing other things. Yesterday my mom and I drove to the airport—but not to fly anywhere (that prospect was … Continue reading Anything to Declare, Sir?

Visiting a Pencil Boutique in Manhattan

Though, admittedly, much of my writing is really done by hitting plastic keys with letters on them, I still have a special place in my heart for the pencil. It is my go-to utensil when handwriting school assignments or doodling in a journal. I like how it isn’t permanent, how it harbors two opposites at each end: a lead tip and an eraser. It can be … Continue reading Visiting a Pencil Boutique in Manhattan

Above the Big Apple

It’s fitting that One World Trade Center, otherwise known as the Freedom Tower, should be exactly 1,776 feet tall. The sleek, minimalist skyscraper is about as modern and American as a building can get. And it’s the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere—it seems to just blend into the sky. My currently strained neck muscles could certainly corroborate that statement. For my mom and I, … Continue reading Above the Big Apple

Wannabe Buellers at the Art Institute of Chicago

Let’s rewind almost two months to my time at Cherubs. For our last field trip, I signed up to venture into the Windy City to visit one of the greatest and most extensive art museums in the world: The Art Institute of Chicago. Of course, the thousands of square feet of priceless works by some of the most notable artists of all time were tough to beat. But the real reason I was there was to reenact Ferris, Cameron, and Sloan’s trip to the Art Institute. Continue reading Wannabe Buellers at the Art Institute of Chicago