Follow the Red-Brick Road

I’m finally done with my final exams, so that officially means that it’s summer. Time for beach days, sunscreen, and the ever-present threat of heat exhaustion. But for now, let’s go back to the chilly streets of Boston. Within the grimy pavement of the city’s sidewalks lies a thin little line of bright red bricks. It winds its way through skyscrapers, past graveyards, and down cobblestoned lanes, stretching … Continue reading Follow the Red-Brick Road

Historical Chic in Boston

It’s funny how one of America’s oldest cities has the power to attract one of America’s youngest crowds. But that’s Boston for you. Located on the convergence of a multitude of rivers (the Charles, Mystic, and Bass Rivers included) and inlets on Massachusetts’s northeast coast, Boston is the crown jewel of the Boswash corridor. It’s a city with an undoubtedly rich past but an even richer present- … Continue reading Historical Chic in Boston

D.C.’s American Ambiance

“I’m glad we were here together in our nation’s capital.” -Forrest Gump I haven’t seen snow in more than eight years. But to my delight, I wake up to see white flurries trickling down from a crisp blue sky. Giddy with excitement, I rush to the window and squeal internally at the sight of the ground, which looks to me like it’s covered in powdered sugar. … Continue reading D.C.’s American Ambiance