It’s our first day in San Francisco. My mom and I have landed on time, toured Stanford, taken the BART into downtown, checked into our hotel, and bought our Muni passes. All that’s left is to make the trek out to dinner. For our first San Franciscan meal we’ve chosen Pacific Catch, a tiny seafood joint tucked between colorful buildings in the Marina district’s Cow Hollow neighborhood, west … Continue reading Vocalization

The Shoreline Highway: A Portrait

It begins with Highway 101 traversing San Francisco Bay along the iconically orange (clear day) or mysterious (foggy day) Golden Gate Bridge. 101 continues for a couple of miles before the bipolar (as drivers will soon discover) Shoreline Highway breaks up with it, somewhere in the Tamalpais Valley north of Sausalito.   It runs through forested suburbs, steep driveways breaking off from it at every turn. And … Continue reading The Shoreline Highway: A Portrait

Ansel Adams Visits California

Just kidding- I visited California. But I was faced with a predicament. Every day, the skies were gray. So that made for some slightly dismal pictures. But then I had an ingenious idea: the pictures would look a lot less like crap and a lot more like art if I made them black and white! So enjoy a few of these ‘masterpieces.’ The only reason … Continue reading Ansel Adams Visits California

San Francisco, Sans Fog

I’ve never been to a city quite like San Francisco. You always hear about cities that are melting pots of cultures, where each ethnicity has its own neighborhood. And I don’t think that phenomenon is any more pronounced than in The City by the Bay. I remember when I descended Coit Tower and wound up in North Beach, the city’s Italian neighborhood. As I walked past pizza … Continue reading San Francisco, Sans Fog

Flight Report: UA1161

It’s been 6 hours since I deplaned United Airlines Flight 1161 (service from Orlando MCO to San Francisco SFO). I’ve been busy visiting Stanford University and checking into my hotel on Market Street, but I’ll give you the breakdown of my journey here. Boarding Boarding began at around 6:20, and I was in my seat by 6:35 or so. The boarding process was smooth, uneventful, … Continue reading Flight Report: UA1161

Pipe Dreaming Saturday: The Skeleton Coast and Death Valley

I’m afraid this installment of PDS might be a little on the morbid side… For about 300 miles, the coast of southwest Africa becomes a deserted wilderness that harkens back to the days of whaling and shipwrecks. It’s called the Skeleton Coast, and it attracts travelers in need of incredible vistas and bone-chilling sights. The African Bushmen called the Skeleton Coast, “Land God Made in Anger.” The Portuguese agreed, … Continue reading Pipe Dreaming Saturday: The Skeleton Coast and Death Valley