The World’s (2nd?) Biggest Cruise Ship

Yes, yes, yes, I know it’s been 3 months shhhhhh. But I recently returned from my first vacation of the year last week, and I have much to share. Though I did not traverse the globe or get my passport stamped, I took a much-needed cruise to relax and decompress after three weeks of IB exams and all the chaos of senior events and graduation. … Continue reading The World’s (2nd?) Biggest Cruise Ship

I’m Pretty Sure These Were The Hebrides

The Independence of the Seas had left Cobh, Ireland the evening before, and had been sailing North through the Irish Sea ever since. It was before dinner, around 7:15, when we stepped out on deck to observe the scenery. The ship was cutting through the still ocean water, surrounded by a landscape out of 10,000 B.C. Stark islands rose from the sea on all sides, … Continue reading I’m Pretty Sure These Were The Hebrides

Norway: “Frozen,” Before it Was ‘Cool’

Having banged my head against the wall over two hundred and seventeen times due to a song from Disney’s “Frozen” being stuck in my head, I felt it was only fitting for me to get it out of my system in some way. Of course I’m sure you’re aware of thisĀ 2013 movie, an absolute hit (and I’ll bet that more grown-upsĀ contributed to its success than … Continue reading Norway: “Frozen,” Before it Was ‘Cool’