The Battle for Legroom Continues

You might’ve heard about the United flight that had to make an emergency landing in Chicago earlier this week because of a heated argument between two passengers. What’s peculiar about the whole situation is that the conflict was over one passenger’s using ‘knee defenders’ to prevent the woman in front of him from reclining and restricting his legroom. The flight attendant onboard asked the man to … Continue reading The Battle for Legroom Continues

The Consequences for Malaysia Airlines

In the wake of a second disaster tethered to Malaysia Airlines, the Associated Press (AP) ran a story last night about the effect both crashes have on the airline’s brand. That’s something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit after hearing of each crash: will people still want to fly with them? I’ve aggregated a few parts of the article here. Some analysts say the … Continue reading The Consequences for Malaysia Airlines

Flight Report: UA292

Well, I’ve returned home from California! I am absolutely exhausted, so the only thing you’re getting for now is a flight report of my return journey. But do expect oodles of tidbits from my trip throughout the coming weeks! Boarding Quick and easy, although it was difficult to understand the gate agent who was announcing. We boarded quick enough to push back a few minutes early, … Continue reading Flight Report: UA292

Flight Report: UA1161

It’s been 6 hours since I deplaned United Airlines Flight 1161 (service from Orlando MCO to San Francisco SFO). I’ve been busy visiting Stanford University and checking into my hotel on Market Street, but I’ll give you the breakdown of my journey here. Boarding Boarding began at around 6:20, and I was in my seat by 6:35 or so. The boarding process was smooth, uneventful, … Continue reading Flight Report: UA1161

Your Guide to the Sky: Part 3

Onboard Zen Before you’ll have left for the airport, pack the following in your carryon or a small drawstring bag (which can count as your other personal item): A nice, thick eyemask Your trusty travel pillow Noise-cancelling headphones (or noticeable earbuds) A small iPod/mp3 player A soft blanket Compression socks Books, cards, games, a tablet with movies, anything to keep you occupied in the event … Continue reading Your Guide to the Sky: Part 3

Your Guide to the Sky: Part 1

“Enjoy” and “Flight” are two words you’ll scarcely find together in a sentence these days. But it wasn’t always like that. In the golden age of travel (the 1940s-70s), plane rides were always glamorous, exciting occurrences. But today, the romance has been maligned into tiny cramped seats, rude passengers, inedible food, long lines, and a whole lot of hassle. This once enchanting experience has turned into something that basically everybody … Continue reading Your Guide to the Sky: Part 1