Sand and Sea at Vero Beach

There may be literally thousands of beach towns on Florida’s winding coastline, but Vero Beach should definitely be near the top end of everyone’s list. It’s the perfect place to get away to. I’ve returned from a 1-night stay at Vero Beach Hotel & Spa (a Kimpton property), a beachy boutique hotel just steps from the sea. This little getaway served as somewhat of a … Continue reading Sand and Sea at Vero Beach

My first trip on the Sunrail

What do Central Floridians do when they want to take a stroll around the famous Winter Park Art Festival but don’t want to deal with driving there (I mean seriously- it’s so bad, it should be renamed “Winter no-Park-ing”)? Take the Sunrail! After years of unsavory political debates and funding squabbles, Florida finally decided to give Orlando a heavy-rail public transport mechanism. And I rode … Continue reading My first trip on the Sunrail

Fall in Florida: Be Excited

Summer’s almost over, and soon it’ll be the best time to visit Orlando, Florida! “Huh? What’d he just say?” That’s right: in my opinion, summer is probably the worst time to take a trip to Central Florida. Throngs of visitors clog up all the area’s attractions, storms ravage the afternoons like clockwork every day, bugs (namely mosquitoes) swarm the bodies of their juicy victims, you’re basically swimming … Continue reading Fall in Florida: Be Excited

Anna Maria Island: It’s a Secret

In my home state of Florida, it is often difficult to come by a square foot of land that is not occupied by a tourist. Whether I’m taking a stroll in my neighborhood, braving the sea of people at Disney World, or driving on Hellish I-4, it’s almost impossible to escape the droves of people flooding into our small peninsula by the minute. So it’s … Continue reading Anna Maria Island: It’s a Secret