See Ya Real Soon

I’ve always wanted to leave Orlando. If you know me at all or have read the opening copy of this blog, that’ll come as no surprise to you. It’s not that there was anything I heavily despised about this city—though granted I do complain incessantly about how we have too many bugs and how I-4 sucks and how most of this urban sprawl feels more fake than real—I’ve … Continue reading See Ya Real Soon

My first trip on the Sunrail

What do Central Floridians do when they want to take a stroll around the famous Winter Park Art Festival but don’t want to deal with driving there (I mean seriously- it’s so bad, it should be renamed “Winter no-Park-ing”)? Take the Sunrail! After years of unsavory political debates and funding squabbles, Florida finally decided to give Orlando a heavy-rail public transport mechanism. And I rode … Continue reading My first trip on the Sunrail

We Got Ourselves a Fancy New Performing Arts Center

The brand-spanking-new Doctor Phillips Center for the Performing Arts opened last month in Downtown Orlando, and has been the topic of choice for most of Orlando’s community ever since. It’s a sparkling edifice just off the 408 Expressway, nudged up against the few skyscrapers that constitute the city’s skyline.

Continue reading “We Got Ourselves a Fancy New Performing Arts Center”

A Night on My Town

Sometimes, you don’t have to trek halfway around the world to have a memorable, exciting experience. I am a firm believer in the fact that travel, at its essence, is experiencing something new- and it doesn’t matter whether you do that in Pensacola or Paris. But I digress. I live in Orlando, Florida. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made fun of my … Continue reading A Night on My Town