Maybe Next Time, Arthur

Tropical Storm (or is it Hurricane?) Arthur has slammed into the Outer Banks and Delmarva Peninsula. But the funny thing is, all we central Floridians got was a little rainstorm- the norm for a summer evening. Still, I thought it a good opportunity to test out the new GoPro- so I tried to get some super slo-mo shots of raindrops falling. Unfortunately my attempts were, … Continue reading Maybe Next Time, Arthur

Bought A GoPro!

On Monday, after spending almost an hour in a BestBuy listening to a hilariously informative salesperson my dad decided to purchase a GoPro Hero camera. So naturally I was filled with some level of excitement. If you are unfamiliar with the GoPro product(s), it’s basically a miniature┬ácamera that you can take anywhere. You can bring it underwater, wear it on your head, chest, stick it … Continue reading Bought A GoPro!