The Capital List: What To See and Eat in D.C.

Museums and Activities 1. The Newseum: Reporting Live From Pennsylvania Avenue This modern, six-floor building is a welcome break from the stately classical edifices housing most of DC’s museums. And the museum contained within this building is also a welcome break from the norm. On the museum’s front, visitors find a six-story stone etching of the first amendment: a tribute to the very law that … Continue reading The Capital List: What To See and Eat in D.C.

D.C.’s American Ambiance

“I’m glad we were here together in our nation’s capital.” -Forrest Gump I haven’t seen snow in more than eight years. But to my delight, I wake up to see white flurries trickling down from a crisp blue sky. Giddy with excitement, I rush to the window and squeal internally at the sight of┬áthe ground, which looks to me like it’s covered in powdered sugar. … Continue reading D.C.’s American Ambiance